4th Annual kttr "send love" campaign
2nd Annual Send Love Valentines Day Campaign Header

4TH ANNUAL SEND LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY CAMPAIGN can be a new tradition for you too. Learn the “Gift of Giving” and help kids in need.
Our Third Annual "SEND LOVE" Valentine's Day campaign will reach across the United States beginning Valentine's Day ’09, challenging all 54+ million K-12 students to help raise money for kids and their families suffering from the Southeast tornadoes. In the past two years more than137 groups participated in our campaign to "Send Love," sending money and Valentiness wishes to kids in need.

For this year’s campaign we have chosen the month of February with Valentine’s Day followed by National Random Acts of Kindness Week to ask each and every kid to find a way to earn and donate at least $1.00. We never know when a crisis, tragedy or disaster like the hurricanes of 2005 and the 2007 California fires will happen so it is best for us to prepare. By coming together and giving $1.00 during the month of February, we are helping make a difference for when kids need help the most.

Can you give up a few candies to help others? Imagine if every child learned the “Gift of Giving”, earned and donated just $1.00…55 million dollars generated for kids by kids is powerful message of love and support! Plus all the monies you donated go back to help kids in your area.

We know how very busy we all are, but if you can find time to share our new tradition of giving with everyone you know and ask them to email everyone they know we might just be able to reach across America and help those kids who need our help the most! Your efforts are greatly appreciated not only by Kids To The Rescue but also by the countless other kids we are able to help!

With gratitude,
Kids To The Rescue

Please mark February 14, 2009 on your calendar and get involved today!

Many thanks to the kids, schools and organizations supported us last year.

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